Ford Police Interceptor (2013+) Prisoner Transport System - SC Max Prisoner Package (High Security High Visibility Polycarbonate Window Option)

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    Keep your officers safe while transporting prisoners with Jotto Desk’s line of Prisoner Packages. We’ve taken our patented Space Creator Max Vehicle Partition with High Security High Visibility Window configuration, added our Bio Hazard Transport Seats, Floor Pans, Seatbelt Extenders, Window Armor/Door Panels and High Security Extension Panels to create an easy way to order all you need to safely transport one or two prisoners while still maximizing the front seat workspace for the officer. 475-0409

    This Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (2013+) Prisoner Package starts with the PATENTED Space Creator Max Vehicle Partition...

    Jotto Desk recognized the unused space readily available behind the front passenger seat and set about to design a partition to take advantage of this space. The Bidirectional Recessed Housing provides for tremendous depth behind the equipment console, allowing for mounting gun racks, printers and other items. It also provides the much needed leg/knee room in order to transport larger prisoners. Jotto Desk is very excited about the Space Creator Max partition solution and the many advantages it will offer agencies.

    Some companies will tell you that "you can't have your cake and eat it too", not Jotto Desk. We simply provide a partition solution that gives maximum room for the largest of officers AND room for prisoners too. The Space Creator Max solution will be our Standard Solution for the 2013+ Ford PI Sedan and will also be made available for other vehicles. If you have 2013+ Ford PI Sedan needing upfit, then you just discovered the BEST SOLUTION ON THE MARKET. This innovative solution is in the Patent Process.

    The steel frame work provides a solid foundation for the floor-to-ceiling steel security panels and side wings. Prisoners are secured on molded bio-hazard safe seating with accompanying floor pan which is easy to clean. Window armor enhances the safe transport system. Officer's can easily view and communicate with the prisoner while a tight seal is maintained so the prisoner can not hide contraband or weapons providing the officer peace of mind.

    Choose one of our four key sedan partition configurations and use the exchange options to customize the partition to function best for your department. Polycarbonate windows give the officer a clear view behind and the center slider or half slider window easily slide for communication with the prisoner and to help with cab airflow. Both these models can be ordered with safety wire to prevent prisoners from reaching up front.

    This Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (2013+) Prisoner Package includes:

    1. Space Creator Max Vehicle Partition Featuring the Bidirectional Recessed Housing
    (U.S. Patent No. 8,690,216)
    2. ABS Bio-Seat
    3. ABS Floor Pan
    4. Seatbelt Extenders
    5. Window Armor
    6. Standard Door Panel
    7. Two Piece High Security Extension Panel
    8. Center High Security Extension Panel

    Vehicle Brand:
    PI Sedan
    Transport Systems:
    Prisoner Package