AK-16 Truck/SUV Computer Workstation Equipment Console

Item #: 425-6266
Price: $1,179.47

    Jotto Desk has blended a proven winner in the AK-12 with one of our new Tahoe Wide-Bodied consoles to create this new Truck/SUV AK-16. The Smooth Glide computer mount remains the same as the AK-12 and AK-7…securing the laptop computer up against dash while driving and officer can slide and lock laptop in ideal work position. The universal Cable-Dock® securing system works with standard to rugged laptop computers or use our the Kodiak line of docking stations for the Panasonic Toughbook.

    This new console is much wider (14”) than our standard AK’s, provides four inches (4") of vertical mounting space and twelve inches (12”) on the horizontal axis. On the drivers side is a knockout for internally mounting a speaker.  Also included are 3 mic clips and knockouts for 12v outlets.  

    The AK-16 utilizes the Smooth Glide computer mount that has been sold on the AK-12 for the past 4 years.  The Smooth Glide stores against the dash and can be released, slid out and rotated to driver or passenger for ergonomic interaction.

    This item does not include a floorplate for mounting. Please order the floorplate separately for your specific vehicle.

    This item will NOT Work with Tahoe Single Cell and Gun Rack.

    Console Style:
    Workstation Consoles