Chevy Caprice (2011-2013) 9C1 Police Equipment Console - Contour

Item #: 425-6691
Price: $439.65

    The Chevy Caprice (2011-2013) Contour Console for the 9C1 only, will mount up to 12" of equipment. Equipment console secures to OEM mounting points and is positioned directly behind the gear shifter, with the top/front height at a point that it will not interfere with gear shift operation. This console has been designed to accommodate the mounting of two accessories. The 425-6260 Armrest Upper Structure can be secured to either the rear or drivers side of the console. The cupholder with two 12v outlets (425-6692) is secured to the front/right of the console and is positioned to the right of the OEM gear shifter. No drilling required. Each console comes standard with 12" of faceplates.

    This new console provides twelve inches (12") of mounting space with included faceplates. The front nine inches (9") of the console has a depth capacity of 4.25" while the rear three inches (3") of the console provides 6.75" of equipment mounting depth.

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    Contour Consoles

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