Chevy Caprice (2011) Police Equipment Console - 9C3 Glove Box Contour Console

Item #: 425-6188

Price: $380.65

    The Chevy Caprice (2011) Contour Console for the 9C3, will mount up to 7" of equipment. Equipment console replaces the glove box and installs easily to OEM mounting points. Equipment mounting depth reaches all the way to the fire wall...ranging from 8-13" so mounting deep equipment will be simple, secure and solid. This console comes with 2 Mic Clips already attached to the console edge nearest the driver, for easy access. While we do not recommend having a passenger when this console is installed, there is definitely room available.  This console also fits in 9C1 Caprice models.

    Vehicle Brand:
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    Contour Consoles

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