Chevy Caprice 9C1 Police Equipment Console - Contour (2014+)

Item #: 425-6460
Price: $461.63

    The 2014+ Chevy Caprice Contour Console for the 9C1 only, will mount up to 15" of equipment. The New Contour Console features a vertical 3" section with 8" of mounting depth and a 12" section that slopes from a 3" to 2.25" mounting depth. This console has been designed to accommodate the mounting of two accessories. The 425-6260 Armrest Upper Structure and 425-6205 Dual External Cup Holder can be secured to the rear of the console.  There are three (3) knockouts for mounting optional optional 12V outlets (425-2273) . No drilling required. Each console comes standard with 15" of faceplates.

    This New Contour Console has also been designed to accept our Console Side Mount (CSM - 425-5542) to provide a solid and secure laptop mounting solution.

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    Contour Consoles

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