425-6462 Driver Side View
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Dodge Charger (2015+) Integrated Pentax/Brother Contour Console - IPBCC

Item #: 425-6462-Discontinued
Availability: Discontinued

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    Law enforcement equipment console designed to mount 12 inches of radio and communications equipment in public safety vehicles. Sloped design allows console to be mounted from dash to between seats. Easy access top down installation uses simple hand tools and requires no drilling. Integrates a Pentax/Brother PocketJet 6 thermal printer and paper roll into the console to greatly improve ergonomics and free up room for the officer. Relocates OEM 12v outlets and USB hub into console. 425-6462

    The Dodge Charger (2015+) Integrated Pentax/Brother Contour Console (IPBCC) has a dash contouring shape and will mount up to 12" of equipment. An unique feature of console design is that allows for an integration of a Pentax/Brother PocketJet 6 Printer and paper roll for easy access for the officer. Installation is quick and easy. No drilling required. Console comes with 12" of faceplates.

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