AK-7 Computer Workstation Equipment Console - with A-MOD Desktop - Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (2013+)

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    The AK-7 for Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (2013+) offers law enforcement the ultimate mobile workstation. Combining a laptop mount and 7 inches of radio console this system offers police a compact mobile workstation for their cars and trucks. This console was designed for two person patrol cars and maximizes passenger side legroom in the new  Police Interceptor Sedan vehicles.

    The Smooth Glide laptop mount secures the laptop computer up against dash while driving and officer can slide and lock laptop in ideal work position. The A-MOD Desktop (Adjustable-Mobile Operations Desktop) has been created to be the ultimate desktop solution to secure a laptop computer in a mobile environment. The A-MOD desktop features a lightweight, yet rugged design that incorporates both high strength aluminum and composite materials where it makes sense. All of the Side and Rear Clamps are made of case-hardened steel and the lock is a high security, solid brass tubular lock giving you peace of mind knowing that your laptop is secured.

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