Dodge Durango (2021+) 16" Duty Gear Saver / Max Depth Contour Console

Item #: 425-6706
Price: $806.48


    Standard features of this Contour Console include the following:

    • 16" of Equipment Mounting Space
    • DGS Design (extra room for duty weapon)
    • Max Depth Design (extra room for deep equipment)

    The Dodge Durango (2021+) DGS/Max Depth Contour Console (Duty Gear Saver) has a dash contouring shape and will fit all necessary communication and lighting equipment and extra room for your duty weapon. The installation of the Durango DGS/Max Depth Contour Console is quick and simple, utilizing OEM mounting points under the factory sensor cover plate. No drilling required. The console relocates the OEM controls and the manual park release for user convenience. Equipment mounting depth on this console varies, with over 9.25" at the top, down to 6.52" at the bottom to maximize space for deeper equipment. Console comes with 16" of faceplates. This Durango DGS Contour Consoles has been designed to accommodate our Mamba Mount (425-0022), Computer Side Mount (425-5542) with mounting locations for our Side Mounted Armrest (425-1849), Tall Armrest (425-0029), and Single Cup Holder (425-3041).

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