Dodge Charger (2019+) Seat Belt Extenders - For Use With Prisoner Bio Hazard Transport Seat

Item #: 475-0328
Price: $337.45


    Extends seat belts for ease of use in Dodge Charger (2011+). The Seat Belt Extenders by Jotto Desk provide 11” of extension, securing to the OEM seatbelt mount points.  The design of the Seat Belt Extenders positions the latch at an upward angle and the steel cable keeps it in position for seatbelting a prisoner in. These Seat Belt Extenders have been submitted for FMVSS 209 Compliance Testing by an independent laboratory and have been approved.  Meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards is critical to the safety and success of this product, and we are delighted to have met that standard.

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    Seat Belt Extender for Bio Seat