Money Back Guarantee Rules

Offer Details

The Jotto Desk Vehicle Partition with High Security/High Visibility Window is the ultimate in prisoner security. Simply put, the design of this window improves visibility by 41% when compared to standard partition windows, prevents prisoner escape and is easy to clean.

Jotto Desk is so confident that the High Security/High Visibility Window prevents a prisoner from escaping by climbing through the partition window (which is only 4” by 11”) that Jotto Desk will refund the agency the purchase price of the partition.* That’s a level of confidence that we proudly stand behind. Jotto Desk is YOUR TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER.

Specific Terms:

Money Back Guarantee offer only applies to vehicles with a properly installed Jotto Desk vehicle partition with the Jotto Desk High Security/High Visibility window. This offer is valid for the life of the original vehicle and is non-transferable. Purchase price refund may require visual proof of prisoner escape by climbing through the 4"x11" window.

Not valid if partition/window is damaged, incorrectly installed, disassembled or bolts/additional parts are removed by prisoner or others.