Keeping your weapons, gear and emergency supplies organized for safety and accessibility is important in a public safety vehicle. The Jotto Desk Storage Systems for the Ford PI Utility and Chevy Tahoe offer lightweight designs that provide storage options, security and still allows for easy access to the spare tire.

Constructed of 12 gauge aluminum and made in the U.S.A., the Jotto Desk Storage System is lightweight compared to competitors. Overall weights vary from 118-166 lbs. depending on the version – which is critical when choosing a solution. The heavier the Storage System is, the less weight that can be carried/stored.

There are different configurations divided into two categories – a Weapon Storage Cabinet & Dual Vertical Drawer design or Double Dual Vertical Drawer design. Within those categories – the differences in the packages revolve around whether or not the Equipment Tray and/or Horizontal Drawer is included.