Gun Rack - Dual Weapon, Partition Mounted, Vertical (GR9-ZRT-AR-GL3-XL/870 Featuring SmartLok Technology)

Item #: 475-2063
Price: $1,212.75


    Jotto Desk has been presented with many challenges over the course of our 25+ years of existence. Those challenges to solve problems were numerous and either came directly from agencies or distributors. When new vehicles hit the market and traditional partitions could either give room for a prisoner or for the officer, Jotto Desk stepped to the challenge and the Space Creator partition line was introduced. When the increased amount of equipment getting mounted into a smaller vehicle created issues from installers to officers, the biggest problem was the Brother Printer/Paper Roll. Jotto Desk stepped to the challenge and the IPB Contour Console line was introduced. When the theft of AR-15’s due to hotwiring came into our knowledge base, once again Jotto Desk stepped to the challenge over several years of development to introduce the ZRT Gun Rack line featuring SmartLok Technology.

    Once again, a new challenge has landed at our doorstep. A challenge that has several facets. Initially, we received input that numerous agencies were now in the process of transitioning from a traditional AR-15 as the patrol rifle and would be utilizing suppressors on those patrol rifles. Those Agencies still wanted the protection offered by the SmartLok Technology but the ZRT Lock Head would not fit. Additionally, we discovered other agencies with an AR-15 setup that made the use of a ZRT Lock Head physically impossible. They were left with a dilemma; to utilize a GL3-XL Handcuff Style Lock to be able to mount those weapons but know they would be susceptible to theft via a 12V power source.

    Jotto Desk stepped to the plate to give those agencies and others the best of both worlds. We were able to develop a way to provide SmartLok Technology to the GL3-XL Handcuff style lock and offer the Public Safety market a Dual Gun Rack with the ZRT Lock Head on the Shotgun Side and the GL3-XL Lock on the AR Side. Both utilize the ZRT Timer, both utilize the plug/play lock head cables, both utilize the same momentary swith and both utilize SmartLok Technology to prevent 12v Hotwiring!

    All Locks must be determined by customer.

    Please request (HCK) Handcuff Key or (STR) Straight Key.

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