Ford F-150 SSV/PR (2021+) Space Creator Vehicle Partition

Item #: 475-1810
Price: $1,276.28

    Featuring Bidirectional Recessed Housing (HS/HV Window Option) U.S. Patent No. 8,690,216

    We are excited about the changes and the continued improvement of our Space Creator design. Initially released for the 2011+ Dodge Charger, the patented design of the Space Creator partition did what no other partition design could do. It provided the maximum room for the driver, yet created room for a prisoner due to the Bidirectional Recessed Housing (BDRH). Now available is the NEW Ford F-150 (2021+) Space Creator Vehicle Partition Featuring Bidirectional Recessed Housing.

    Jotto Desk recognized the unused space readily available behind the front passenger seat and set about to design a partition to take advantage of this space. The Bidirectional Recessed Housing provides depth behind the equipment console, allowing for mounting gun racks, printers, or other items. It also provides the much needed leg/knee room in order to transport larger prisoners. Jotto Desk is very excited about the Space Creator partition solution and the many advantages it will offer agencies.

    One change to this New Space Creator partition - was to the Bidirectional Recessed Housing. Our engineers slightly changed the design on the recessed portion that goes into the prisoner area, eliminating the initial kickback. This change has made for a much smoother downward flow, while still providing a recessed area in the front compartment for vertical mounted gun racks/printers/etc. We simply provide a partition solution that gives maximum room for the largest of officers AND room for prisoners too.

    Another change to the NEW Ford F-150 Space Creator partition, is the placement/location of the partition. Additional input from our agency partners - unveiled a feeling that there are a lot more large individuals arrested than there are in the drivers seat. Therefore, we designed this NEW partition location/placement to mirror the location of our we would all be equal in that regard. The benefit on the road is improved room for a prisoner and making it easier for an officer/deputy to put the prisoner into the vehicle.

    If you have a NEW Ford F-150 (2021+) needing upfit, then you just discovered the BEST SOLUTION ON THE MARKET. This innovative solution is Patented.

    Keep your officers safe while transporting prisoners with Jotto Desk’s line of vehicle partitions. Our system allows your department to configure the partition to maximize the officer’s workspace while providing safe transport of prisoners. The partition’s no holes drilled system makes installation fast and easy. Choose one of our two key partition configurations to work best for your department.

    The High Security/High Visibility (HS/HV) Window gives officers the best of both worlds - tremendous sight lines, whether looking out the rearview or turning around and the 4"H x 11"W window allows for communication/passing information but there won't be anyone that will squeeze through this opening. If a prisoner spits/bleeds/smears the window, it is still cleanable, not so with those using the expanded metal. For those agencies that want a more traditional look - we have designed the Full Window w/Safety Wire. This opening is 11"H x 11"W and has a Safety Wire covering over that opening. This Safety Wire barrier can be removed for cleaning purposes without completely disassembling the partition window while providing the larger, more traditional look/size.

    NOTE: This item does not include High Security Extension Panels (HSEPs). The Passenger Side and Driver Side HSEPs are available separately. Please ask your Sales Manager for more information.

    For Ford F-150, standard side wings, which provide reach-through protection, for maximum security, are SCA compliant.

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