Gun Rack - Dual Weapon, Partition Mounted, Vertical (GR9-Benelli-Nova-AR-BLM-V)

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    Quick Overview

    Jotto Desk’s Partition Mounted Gun Rack provides the best security, accessibility, quick installation and standard features available in the police equipment industry. Available in a vertical configuration, this style of gun rack will secure one to two assault rifles or shotguns to the partition. Read below for more details on this specific gun rack. 475-0584

    This (GR9-Benelli-Nova-AR-BLM-V) is a dual weapon, vertical gun rack that mounts to partitions with flat cover panels or recessed housing. Locking mechanism for AR is positioned on gun barrel.

    All Locks must be determined by customer.

    Please request (HCK) Handcuff Key, (STR) Straight Key or (BRL) Barrel Key.

    Mounting Location:
    Partition Mount
    Gun Type:
    AR-15 Rifle, Benelli Nova
    Rack Orientation:
    Rack Type:
    Dual Gun
    Cover Panel Requirements:
    Flat Partition or Recessed Housing