Announcing the Integrated Pentax/Brother Contour Console (IPBCC)

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Jotto Desk is proud to announce the Next Generation of Contour Consoles…the Integrated Pentax/Brother Contour Console (IPBCC). When the Contour Console was first introduced to the Law Enforcement industry 14 years ago, the concept was ingenious. Take advantage of unused space in a vehicle, help to create more room for an officer and improve the ergonomics in this “mobile office”. The IPBCC goes the next step! This truly innovative design integrates the Pentax/Brother PocketJet 6 printer and paper roll into our newest Contour Console, providing an ergonomic setup without the twisting and turning that an armrest printer mount requires. Plus, it eliminates that additional accessory purchase and greatly improves access to a vertically mounted gun rack. The Jotto Desk team has worked to ensure that the products they introduce, to its' customers, stand up to the high demand for quality, durability and functionality. We are proud to offer this new console concept with our IPBCC.

Jotto Desk's NEW IPBCC - Integrated Pentax/Brother Contour Console

For years, the Pentax/Brother Printer and Paper Roll have been an issue from a mounting perspective…kind of like a six fingered person looking for gloves. Console solution – check. Gun Rack solution – check. Partition solution – check. Then…what about the printer? Until now…there was no solution that fit and functioned effectively. Glove box designs were very difficult to access. Head rest designs required twisting and were liability concerns for many. The sheer size and bulk of armrest designs were problematic in shrinking vehicles and could cause a hang up when accessing a weapon from the gun rack. With the printer/paper roll mount built into the Contour Console, equipment storage in public safety vehicles is streamlined while retrieval of your printed information is now at your fingertips without straining. The upfront positioning also means that the printer is easy to access when you need to change the paper roll.

This new Contour Console is being offered first for the 2015+ Dodge Charger, but will be released in the future for the Chevy Tahoe, Ford PI Utility and PI Sedan. Additional models/designs may be offered down the road. This IPBCC comes with 12” of faceplates and relocation for OEM 12V outlets and USB. Equipment depth in this console varies from 9.25” to 5.5” and as an option will accommodate an accessory Internal ABS Cup Holder faceplate, 425-3704. We have also designed a new armrest for this vehicle/console package – the Side Hinged DCR Armrest, 425-3841. This armrest is horizontal in design and hinges toward the passenger door…allowing for use by driver/passenger but being able to be flipped completely out of the way to quickly access firearms from a gun rack. Additionally, this armrest has a built-in storage area for miscellaneous items and can house the ABS Cup Holder. Complete the package with a 2011+ Dodge Charger computer side mount, 425-5597/5215 for the ultimate configuration.

     Part Numbers & List Prices:


15+ Charger IPBCC Contour Console (12”)

List Price: $475.00


Side Hinged DCR Armrest

List Price: $175.00


Internal ABS Dual Cup Holder

List Price: $52.00

Invehicle Image of the Integrated Pentax/Brother Contour Console
for 15+ Dodge Charger (425-6462)

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