Jotto Desk Introduces NEW ZRT Gun Rack & Lock Head Design

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Over the many decades of athletic competition, there have been few Game Changers that come to mind. Athletes so impactful that the world took notice and the sports they took part in were forever changed. Jim Ryun became the first high school runner to break the 4:00 mark in the mile – his time of 3:55.3 standing for 36 years. When a 20 year old golfer named Tiger Woods burst onto the scene in 1996, the game was forever changed…courses changed, equipment changed and the popularity of the sport exploded. Michael Jeffrey Jordan, considered by many to be the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT); won 5 MVP’s and led the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA Championships. Jotto Desk is tremendously excited to announce the release of its New ZRT Gun Rack featuring SmartLok Technology, a product we believe can be considered to be a Game Changer in the area of weapon retention and security. We are confident that our ZRT Gun Racks will exceed those expectations and will provide the safety and security that our customers rely on.

ZRT Featuring Smartlok Technology

These new ZRT Gun Racks represent years of research and development and have been awarded two US Patents (US Patent No. 8,910,560 & US Patent No. 9,481,312). These changes represent critical input from installers/end users, closes the loophole on the ability for lock heads to be “hot-wired” and makes a technological leap forward. The ZRT Gun Rack is not just a new lock head, instead it is a completely new gun rack that has been designed from the ground up. The injection molded Butt Plates are made of polycarbonate, well known for its durable characteristics. Each of the Butt Plate Mounting Brackets are secured to the side of the extruded backbone. This allows for individual weapon adjustability based upon the setup of the vehicle. The AR side can easily be positioned higher to eliminate a stock or sling getting hung up on an armrest when the officer needs his weapon.

ZRT Gun Rack

The physical strength of any gun rack is the “backbone” and we’ve developed a 1.5” square extruded aluminum backbone. All brackets secure into one of four channels with security hardware and the robust nature makes theft attempts with a pry bar or flat bladed screw driver an exercise in futility.

ZRT is resistant to prying by crowbar.

Not every AR-15 is identical and the area that affects gun racks the most is the stock. Countless times we have seen weapons not secured because the gun rack they had installed didn’t fit their weapon. As a result, we have designed the ZRT Gun Rack to be “field adjustable” by an officer. Simply loosen a captured ratchet handle and raise or lower the AR brackets within a defined area. This allows multiple AR-15’s with various stocks to fit into one gun rack.

ZRT Lock Head with AR insert
ZRT Lock Head with AR Insert (Shown closed and open.)ZRT Lock Head with Shot Gun Insert
ZRT Lock Head with Shotgun Insert (Shown closed and open.)

The ZRT Lock Heads themselves are where the greatest change and innovation has occurred. We spent a great deal of time researching the history of gun rack lock heads, the few changes that have occurred and what weaknesses that exist. With that knowledge, we have designed the ZRT Lock Head accordingly.


  1. The lock body itself is made from a Zinc Z12 Alloy in an investment casting operation. This material was chosen due to its characteristics which will deform instead of break or fracture.
  2. Access to the firearm is quick and easy. Swipe the ¼” Nickel Plated Steel Slide Latch and it recesses into the lock body. Traditional lock heads require the officer to pull open a “door”, making access slower and creating opportunities for a sling to catch. Our testing stopped when we could not get the ZRT Lock Head to crack or break, even when exceeding the foot pounds needed to break current lock heads by 3 times.
  3. Each ZRT Lock Head comes with custom silicone inserts that protect the firearm, reducing noise and rattling. Customized inserts fit the barrels of the AR-15, shotgun or around the pump of the shotgun.
  4. SmartLok Technology eliminates the opportunity to steal a firearm by manipulating the power. Traditional lock heads have a solenoid that is looking for a 12V input, telling it to pull back the plunger and allow the weapon to be removed. The inherent problem is that it will recognize any 12V input – be it a Dewalt battery, a deer feeder battery or even a strong 9V battery will sometimes do the trick. Cut the wire, add the power source and you can open the lock. Our proprietary SmartLok Technology ends this type of theft.
  5. ZRT Gun Racks feature our quick and easy Plug & Play installation cables. These custom designed cables mean anybody can plug in a ZRT Gun Rack, simplifying installation and speeding up install time. The 3’ Momentary Switch Cable and the 8’ Lock Head Cables simply plug into the timer. Nothing to crimp. All that is needed at installation is power, ground and ignition input. Simple, quick and easy.

ZRT Gun Racks are available for the most common weapons utilized in Law Enforcement.

The following types of gun racks are available and in stock for immediate shipment:

• Vertical Partition Mounted
• Horizontal Partition Mounted
• Rear Seat Mounted
• Single Cell Mounted
• Trunk Mounted
• Rear Hatch Mounted

Field proven over the past 20 years, Jotto Desk has been offering mobile professionals innovative vehicle solutions to ensure officer security and comfort. For more information on this and other Jotto Desk offerings, contact your Sales Manager or a Customer Service at 877-455-6886.

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