Jotto Desk Introduces Storage System for Ford PI Utility

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Jotto Desk is excited to announce the release of its Storage System for the Ford PI Utility, as it is important to keep your weapons, gear and emergency supplies organized and able to be accessed quickly. Our engineers have worked diligently to come up with a lightweight design that provides storage options, security and allows for easy access to the spare tire. There will be 8 different configurations divided into two categories – a Weapon Storage Cabinet & Dual Vertical Drawer design or Double Dual Vertical Drawer design. The Jotto Desk team has worked to ensure that the products they introduce, to its' customers, stand up to the high demand for quality, durability and functionality. We are confident that our Storage System for the PI Utility will exceed those expectations and will provide the safety and security that our customers rely on.

The two categories of Jotto Desk Storage System are the Weapon Storage Cabinet/Dual Vertical Drawer and the Double Dual Vertical Drawer. Within those categories – the differences in the packages revolve around whether or not the Equipment Tray and/or Horizontal Drawer is included.

The Jotto Desk Storage System is constructed of 12 gauge aluminum and made in the USA. Overall weights vary from 118-166 lbs. depending on the version – which is critical when choosing a solution. The heavier the Storage System is, the less weight that can be carried/stored. This innovative design provides a replacement floor frame that features a hinged cover to access the spare tire in all models. A hinged Equipment Tray is an option on (4) models to allow for convenient mounting of communications/lighting equipment.

The Weapon Storage Cabinet offers (2) shelves, approximately 37" deep, providing weapon storage for when the driver is going to be away from the vehicle for an unknown period of time. The Vertical Drawer offers (2) drawers with slides rated at 200 lbs. total capacity and feature full extension to access anything easily. The Horizontal Drawer features 1.5” over travel on the slides and are also rated at 200 lbs. total capacity. This Horizontal Drawer offers 1 divider and is perfect for the smaller items that are needed most often. Capping off the solution is a Package Tray to secure the odds and ends such as a fire extinguisher or emergency medical kit.

Each model utilizes an acronym for what comes in the solution, below is a guide.

E = Equipment Tray
C = Weapon Cabinet
D = Dual Drawer
P = Package Tray
H = Horizontal Drawer

Part Numbers & List Prices:

New Compatible Products for Storage System

With the release of the Storage System, we needed to make sure our other product lines meshed perfectly, in keeping with our TSP vision. As a result, we needed to design New Cargo Barrier, Single Cell and Single Cell Lite. We made sure these would work well and also be very easy to install…requiring no holes to be drilled into the vehicle.

Cargo Barrier for Storage System (CB4)

Keep prisoners in their area and in case of a crash, keep your cargo where it belongs with the CB4 Prisoner Cargo Barrier for Storage System. This New Design secures behind the second row of seats and onto the Jotto Desk Storage System…requiring no holes to be cut into the OEM trim or C-Pillar. Installation is a breeze. The bottom 2/3 is powder coated steel with built in mounting points and cutouts for OEM seat structure. The top 1/3 is a new Secure-Grid style to improve security and visibility.

475-1182 - 2016+ Ford PI Utility - Cargo Barrier for Storage System List Price: $400.00

Single Cell for Storage System

The Jotto Desk Single Cell provides the ultimate solution to secure one prisoner in a cocoon like space. This "next generation" in prisoner containment helps to create even more room for a prisoner, provides the ultimate in driver comfort and has been designed from the ground up for ease of installation and cleaning. The Single Cell incorporates the Front/Center Divider, Cargo Barrier, Passenger Side Window Armor/Door Panel and an ABS Slip Cover Seat to create the ultimate solution for one driver and one prisoner. The Jotto Desk Single Cell allows full movement of the driver seat so even the largest officer is smiling when driving a PI Utility with a Single Cell.

475-1183 - 2016+ Ford PI Utility - Single Cell for Storage System List Price: $1,950.00

Single Cell Lite for Storage System

This is a stripped down version of the traditional Single Cell, removing the Window Armor/Door Panel and ABS Slip Cover Seat to come in at a lower price point. The quality of construction and design remains the same, no “chicken wire” solution that allows for prisoners to deposit their filth as they see fit. The lower portion is steel and the upper is polycarbonate.

475-1209 - 2016+ PI Utility - Single Cell Lite for Storage System List Price: $1100.00

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