Jotto Desk Introduces Vehicle Solutions For 2015+ Chevy Tahoe

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  Cargo Barrier (CB4)

  Computer Mounts


  Gun Racks

  Modular Cargo/
  Trunk Organizer

  Push Bumper

  Rear Area Secure
  Grid Window Armor

  Single Cell
  Transport System

  Space Creator
  Vehicle Partitions

  Window Armor/
  Door Panels


Jotto Desk is excited to announce the release of its complete line of products for the brand new 2015+ Chevy Tahoe PPV. Our engineers have worked diligently to design each of our products so that they fit and work seamlessly together. As well, all Jotto Desk products were designed utilizing the OEM CAD Data provided by General Motors, to ensure the highest quality fit and finish in this much anticipated vehicle. You won‘t have to worry how products will fit with each other, you can trust that Jotto Desk made this a priority from day one of each new concept.

Now in our 20th year, Jotto Desk is proud to offer a variety of high quality products that are specifically engineered and thoughtfully designed to enhance the organization and ergonomics in the public safety “mobile office”...the vehicle. What makes Jotto Desk different than others is our dedication to the TOTAL vehicle. Also, Jotto Desk products ship quickly and together, meaning less freight charges than separate shipments, installation can begin faster and ultimately the vehicle can join the fleet more quickly. As the exclusive TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER, you can trust Jotto Desk as your single best source for your public safety vehicle needs. Lastly – in an era when some companies look for every opportunity to raise prices, Jotto Desk thinks differently here as well. We are extremely pleased to also announce that every price for the 2015 Tahoe PPV solution offered by Jotto Desk is identical to what the pricing was for the previous model. Brand New Solutions at the Old Price Point.

Below are detailed part numbers, prices and expandable additional information of the products which will be available for the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe. You can also use the "Quick Info Links" to jump directly to a specific grouping for additional information.

Cargo Barrier (CB4)

Cargo Barrier (CB4)   475-0863

Keep prisoners in their area and in case of a crash, keep your cargo where it belongs with the CB4 Prisoner Cargo Barrier. This New Design secures behind the second row of seats in the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe utilizing OEM mounting points and provided mount brackets to the C-Pillar. No cutting of trim required and very minimal drilling is necessary. The bottom 2/3 is powder coated steel with built in mounting points and cutouts for OEM seat structure. The top 1/3 is made up of 2"x2" Safety Wire to provide security and visibility.

Part Number & List Price:
475-0863     2015+ Chevy Tahoe CB4 Cargo Barrier     List Price: $560.00

Computer Mounts (NHM and CSM)


Computer Mount (NHM) 

No-Holes Computer Mount (NHM)
Jotto Desk realizes the importance of the Total Solution. Maximize your workspace and optimize your time and efficiency with a Jotto Desk laptop mount for your 2015+ Chevy Tahoe. This computer mount, which is compatible with the vehicles’ OEM console or equipment console, is a No Holes drilled, ergonomic, articulating arm desk used as a platform for mobile professionals to secure and comfortably use a laptop computer in a vehicle.

The patented Cable-Dock® securing system uses two thin nylon-coated steel cables that wrap up and over the keyboard section of the computer for a firm and positive grip. This securing system will give you peace of mind knowing that your laptop is secured. The overall design of the No Holes Computer Mount allows you to pull the desktop over for comfortable operation, reducing back strain. Stand height is adjustable and can be removed from No Holes Base in seconds when not needed.

Part Number & List Price:
425-5596     2015+ Chevy Tahoe No-Holes Laptop Mount     List Price: $340.00


Console Side Mount (CSM) 

Console Side Mount (CSM)
The Jotto Desk® Console Side Mount features No Holes Drilled installation on side of a compatible equipment console, this laptop desk offers a straight arm which enables you to pull the desktop over for comfortable operation, reducing back strain, providing superior ergonomics. Mobile professionals will be able to comfortably use and secure a laptop notebook computer using the Cable-Dock® securing system, while freeing up additional leg room for the front passenger. This CSM is designed for use on the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe Contour Console, 425-6268 mentioned below.

Part Number & List Price:
425-5542     Console Side Mount     List Price: $304.00

Equipment Consoles (Contour, Workstation & Standard) 


Contour Console
20" w/Locking Lid

Contour Console - 20" w/Locking Lid
This Jotto Desk Contour Console is designed to fit the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe and is an ideal solution for law enforcement and/or fire agencies. Standard features of this NEW wide-bodied console include the following:

- 20” of Equipment Mounting Space
- 28” Tahoe Floor Plate
- Storage Compartment w/Locking Lid
- Relocates OEM Devices
- Drivers Side Knockout for Mounting Speaker
- Passengers Side Fuse Block w/Cover/Access Panel

This Tahoe Contour Console has been designed to accommodate our computer side mount (425-5542) and also have mounting locations for our armrest (425-6260).

Part Number & List Price:
425-6268     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Contour Console 20" w/Locking Lid    List Price: $750.00


AK-16 Workstation Console

AK-16 Workstation Console
Jotto Desk offers a Truck/SUV AK-16 which combines the concept of the Tahoe Wide-Bodied console and the Smooth Glide laptop mount to create a great solution for an SUV/Truck. The Smooth Glide computer mount is an excellent mounting solution, for a laptop or Kodiak Mobile docking station. This new console is (14”) wide, provides four inches (4") of vertical mounting space and twelve inches (12") on the horizontal axis. On the drivers side is a knockout for internally mounting a speaker. Also included are 3 mic clips and knockouts for 12v outlets. Floor Plate Sold Separately. Also available is the 12" Workstation Console the AK-12.

Part Numbers & List Prices:
425-6266     AK-16 Workstation Console    List Price: $850.00

425-6159     AK-12 Workstation Console    List Price: $683.00



Lazy "L" Standard Console

Floorplate & Standard Consoles
Jotto Desk offers several standard, box-style equipment console designed to mount from 9-18" of radio and communications equipment in public safety vehicles. Sloped design allows console to be mounted from dash to between seats on our extruded aluminum floor plate. Easy access top down installation uses simple hand tools and requires no drilling. These consoles require a Floor Plate for mounting in the vehicle, which is sold separately.

Part Numbers & List Prices:

425-6022     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Floor Plate 28”    List Price: $158.00
425-6010     Standard Console, 9” Face Plates       List Price: $158.00
425-6011     Standard Console, 12” Face Plates     List Price: $185.00
425-6012     Standard Console, 15” Face Plates     List Price: $201.00
425-6232     Standard Console, 18” Face Plates     List Price: $325.00

Gun Racks (GR4, GR6 & Additional Gun Racks)



GR4 - Rear Hatch Mount
This new GR4 Gun Rack was designed to secure to the rear hatch and allow for multiple mounting configurations. Depending on need and desire by the end user - these gun racks can be installed in such a way that the grip will be in the up, out or down position. This unique design and feature allows for virtually 3 different gun rack configurations possible...for each part number. Solutions are available for an AR-15 or Remington 870 Police Magnum shotgun.

Part Numbers & List Prices:
475-0899     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Single Weapon Rear Hatch Mount Gun Rack
(GR4-Tahoe-870)     List Price: $350.00

475-0903     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Single Weapon Rear Hatch Mount Gun Rack
(GR4-Tahoe-AR-BLM)     List Price: $350.00



GR6 - Rear Seat Mount

This is a dual weapon, vertical gun rack for 2015+ Chevy Tahoe which mounts to rear seat area and is designed for use when no partition is present. The mounting base requires no cutting or drilling, securing to existing OEM hardware. The vertical backbone is slightly offset from center toward the passenger side to allow for easier access to the weapons. This solution solves the problem experienced by many agencies that do not utilize a partition. They want to have their weapons accessible from the driver’s seat, yet there is no partition to attach the traditional gun rack to. A roof mounted gun rack interferes with Side Curtain Airbags and causes safety concerns. For those agencies – the GR6 is the perfect solution for them.

Part Number & List Price:
475-0898     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Dual Weapon Rear Seat Mount Gun Rack
(GR6-Tahoe-870-AR-BLM)     List Price: $473.00

Additional Gun Racks Available

In addition to these 15+ Tahoe specific gun racks, Jotto Desk also offers dozens of other traditional “partition-mounted” gun racks. These gun racks are available for a single weapon need or a dual weapon need (Remington 870 Police Magnum shotgun or AR-15). Several of the solutions are vertically oriented, while others are designed to be mounted horizontally. All Jotto Desk gun racks for the AR-15 feature our BLM (Barrel Lock Mount) solution, where the weapon is secured/locked at the least accessorized point. We offer 3 distinct lock heads, including an XL Handcuff Style Lock – that are sure to help meet any need out there. When you are unsure, call your Sales Manager and let them go to work for you.

Modular Trunk/Cargo Organizer


Modular Trunk/Cargo Organizer 
(Open View)  475-0453

Keep your 2015+ Tahoe's cargo area organized. This product features a hinged top and 3 sections which can be adjusted as needed. For the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe, the organizer can be configured in 2 different orientations (horizontally or vertically) and/or quantities (1 or 2) if an additional Organizer is purchased.

This New Modular Organizer features 3 sections for storing/organizing the clutter in the cargo area of your vehicle. Flares, scene tape, stuffed animals, medical kit, rain gear, latex gloves, hand sanitizer, evidence markers...the list goes on and on. Please see the configuration information in the Spec Sheet download for assistance in ordering.

Part Number & List Price:
475-0453     Modular Trunk/Cargo Organizer     List Price: $150.00

Push Bumper

  Push Bumper  475-0874

Jotto Force Push Bumper is extreme duty and offers unparalleled protection for the front of the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe. Our engineers partnered and learned from the leading manufacturer of replacement bumpers so that the Jotto Force Push Bumpers will stand the true test of time.

The 2015 + Chevy Tahoe design changes slightly in that the vertical push pieces are taller and easier to see by the driver. We also utilize OEM mounting locations with no drilling required to secure the mounting brackets to the vehicles and only minor modification are needed to the OEM bumper fascia. Installs in less than 30 minutes from start to finish. The Vertical Bumper Assembly has been pre-slotted to accommodate the mounting of intersection lighting from Code 3, SoundOff Signal, Federal Signal and that all an installer has to do is simply bolt the lights on and run wiring (no drilling required). The Horizontal section of the Vertical Bumper Assembly is designed to mount/protect your siren speaker.

Part Number & List Price:
425-0874     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Jotto Force Push Bumper     List Price: $529.00

Rear Area Secure Grid Window Armor

Rear Area Secure Grid
Window Armor - 475-0900

The Rear Area Secure Grid Window Armor protects the equipment stored in the rear cargo area from being stolen in a smash and grab situation. This new Window Armor secures the cargo area by providing addition window armor that covers the driver side/passenger side rear windows and the rear hatch window. Our solution doesn’t simply screw into the OEM trim – we have designed mounting brackets that secure to the vehicle behind the OEM trim and provide solid protection…not just the appearance of it. Often times, this area is a target for those looking for tactical equipment and body armor/Kevlar helmets. When used with the 2015+ Tahoe CB4 Prisoner Cargo Barrier (475-0863) or Single Cell (475-0864), you will get a completely enclosed storage area to protect all your equipment needs.

Part Number & List Price:
475-0900     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Rear Area Secure Grid Window Armor     List Price: $600.00

Single Cell Transport System

  Single Cell Transport System

The Jotto Desk Single Cell is the ultimate prisoner transport system that will have the driver smiling from ear to ear but that won’t force you to purchase more than you need. The 2015+ Chevy Tahoe Single Cell includes: Front Divider with built-in lower high security extension panels, Center Divider, Passenger Side Window Armor and ABS Door Panel, Rear Cargo Barrier (CB4) and a ABS Seat Cover with Seat Belt Extender.The officer/driver benefits by having 100% of the front/rear travel and recline of the driver’s seat – it’s like driving a Tahoe with no partition in it. If you have never seen our Single Cell solution in person – then you owe it to your officers, deputies and troopers to give it a look.

Part Number & List Price:
475-0864    2015+ Chevy Tahoe Single Cell Transport System     List Price: $2,150.00

Space Creator Vehicle Partitions

Space Creator Vehicle Partition
HS/HV Window   475-0865

The Space Creator Partition Line (U.S. Patent No. 8,690,216) was designed to provide maximum room for the driver, while creating additional room for larger individuals riding in the backseat. If you have LARGE officers and if you arrest LARGE individuals...then you have just found the ULTIMATE Partition Solution on the market. Jotto Desk recognized the unused space readily available behind the front passenger seat and set about to design a partition to take advantage of this space. The Bidirectional Recessed Housing provides depth behind the equipment console, allowing for mounting gun racks, printers or other items. It also provides the much needed leg/knee room in order to transport larger prisoners. Jotto Desk is very excited about the Space Creator partition solution for the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe and the many advantages it will offer agencies.

Part Numbers & List Prices:
475-0865     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Space Creator Partition – HS/HV     List Price: $900.00
475-0866     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Space Creator Partition - Full w/Safety Wire     List Price: $950.00
475-0888     2015+ Chevy Tahoe High Security Extension Panels (
2PC HSEPs)     List Price: $130.00

Window Armor/Door Panels


Secure Grid Window Armor/
Door Panel Set   475-0962

You can now protect your vehicles while transporting prisoners with Jotto Desk's line of Secure-Grid Window Armor and Door Panels or our Standard Vertical Window Armor and Door Panels. The Window Armor is easy to install, reduces the likelihood of side windows from being kicked out and limits the ability for someone to reach in or out of the prisoner compartment. Door Panels protect door mechanisms, prohibit contraband from being hidden and are very easy to clean. These items are designed for a perfect fit in the 2015+ Chevy Tahoe.

Part Numbers & List Prices:

475-0961     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Bar Style Window Armor/Door Panel Set          List Price: $499.00
475-0962     2015+ Chevy Tahoe Secure Grid Window Armor/Door Panel Set     List Price: $438.00

For more information on this and other Jotto Desk offerings, contact your Sales Manager or a Customer Service Representative at 877-455-6886.

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