NEW 2019+ Dodge Durango PPV 12" Contour Console

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Jotto Desk has released a 12" Contour Console for the 2019+ Dodge Durango PPV. This Contour Console is a slight variation of our current Durango SSV Contour Console (425-6643), and this new console will replace the old console at some point. The Jotto Desk team has worked to ensure that the products they introduce to its' customers stand up to the high demand for quality, durability and functionality. We are proud to offer this new Console and are confident that it will exceed those expectations and will provide the safety and security that our customers rely on. This product is in stock and ready for orders.

Part Numbers & List Prices:

425-6655 2019+ Dodge Durango PPV 12" Contour Console List Price: $550.00

The Contour Console for the 19+ Dodge Durango PPV provides 7" of vertical FP mounting and 5" of horizontal FP mounting (overall 12"). The overall length was shortened for the PPV where partitions, vertical weapon mounts and consoles must live together. As well, the horizontal section has been narrowed slightly to fit better between the OEM seat belt assembly. The Contour Consoles come standard with a single ABS Cup Holder, relocates the media center, includes a 3" FP for the coin tray/traction control and features easy access to the Manual Park Release. Complete the package with a No Holes Mount, 425-5600/5215 or 425-5600/4143 for the ultimate configuration.

As the market's "Total Solutions Provider" (TSP), Jotto Desk continues to advance its' product line and reputation as the industry leader in public safety equipment. Jotto Desk works to redefine the mobile workspace and expand its' portfolio of high quality products and ability to deliver maximum value to customers. As your Total Solutions Provider, Jotto Desk is able to ensure that all the products we manufacture will work together seamlessly from installation to application.

For more information on this and other Jotto Desk offerings, contact your Sales Manager or Customer Service at 877-455-6886 and visit Check out Jotto Desk's equipment console accessories to accompany your purchase and round out your solution.

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