New Heavy Duty Laptop Mounts From Jotto Desk

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Jotto Desk® is excited to introduce the NEW Heavy Duty (HD) line of computer laptop mounts. These HD Mounts offer the next level in ruggedness and durability…making this the premium solution for securing a laptop in a law enforcement or fleet vehicle. They feature a heavy duty vehicle specific mounting base, rugged pole/stand for height adjustment, swing arm for horizontal adjustment, a tilt/swivel plate and are capped off with our new A-MOD Desktop.

425-5630 with 450-4138.jpgHD Mount for 13+ Ford PI Sedan (425-5026) with A-MOD Desktop (450-4138)

The NEW HD Mount has been designed from the ground up with heavy duty fleets and less than ideal road conditions in mind. We realize many fleets are driving vehicles on roads that have seen better days or the driving conditions demand more – so Jotto Desk set out to create our Heavy Duty Solution. The vehicle specific base - made of 7 gauge steel – has been re-thought to incorporate multiple OEM mounting locations. All too often we have seen other products in the field that appear to be solid, yet they perform poorly. The cause could usually be tracked back to the base. Jotto Desk recognized the laptop at the top of the mount…can only be as strong as our base – so we emphasized this in our design. The height adjustable stand has not gone unchanged or ignored, as we have designed a 15” lower tube (2” OD with .218 wall thickness) to mate with the 6” upper rod (1.75” OD with an impressive 1.375 wall thickness) for excellent strength. The Swing Arm allows for simple adjustment of the laptop while secured to the A-MOD Desktop. The Swing Arm can rotate 90 degrees at the shoulder, the A-MOD Desktop can rotate 75 degrees at the wrist and Tilt/Swivel plate allows for a 25 degree adjustment. As is typical with all Jotto Desk mounts (traditional or HD) – we always provide you with everything you need with one simple part number…and this solution is no different.

The A-MOD Desktop (Adjustable-Mobile Operations Desktop) has been created to be the ultimate desktop solution to secure a laptop computer in a mobile environment. The A-MOD desktop features a lightweight, yet rugged design that incorporates both high strength aluminum and composite materials where it makes sense. All of the Side and Rear Clamps are made of case-hardened steel and the lock is a high security, solid brass tubular lock giving you peace of mind knowing that your laptop is secured. The laptop can quickly and easily be removed with the turn of a key and the pull of a handle.

The NEW HD Mount with the NEW A-MOD Desktop combine to provide superior ergonomics and a strong base.

Part Numbers and List Prices:
HD Laptop Mounts
425-5646/4138 15+ Chevy Tahoe/Silverado 1500 HD Mount w/A-MOD Desktop List Price: $765.00
425-5026/4138 13+ Ford PI Sedan HD Mount w/A-MOD Desktop List Price: $765.00
425-5631/4138 13+ Ford PI Utility HD Mount w/A-MOD Desktop List Price: $765.00
425-5630/4138 11+ Dodge Charger HD Mount w/A-MOD Desktop List Price: $765.00
425-5107/4138 14+ Dodge Ram HD Mount w/A-MOD Desktop List Price: $765.00
425-5104/4138 15+ Ford F150 HD Mount w/A-MOD Desktop List Price: $765.00
425-5649/4138 15+ Ford F250+ HD Mount w/A-MOD Desktop List Price: $765.00
HD Bases Only
425-5658 15+ Chevy Tahoe/Silverado 1500 HD Base Only List Price: $240.00
425-5657 13+ Ford PI Sedan HD Base Only List Price: $240.00
425-5656 13+ Ford PI Utility HD Base Only List Price: $240.00
425-5655 11+ Dodge Charger HD Base Only List Price: $240.00
425-3756 14+ Ram HD Base Only List Price: $240.00
425-1249 15+ Ford F150 HD Base Only List Price: $240.00
425-3763 15+ Ford F250+ HD Base Only List Price: $240.00

Field proven over the past 20 years, Jotto Desk has been offering mobile professionals laptop mounting solutions and now have released the ultimate rugged solution. Made of recyclable materials, our laptop workstation creates a proven mobile office for cars, trucks, vans, SUV's and Big Rigs. Jotto Desk is easy to install, easy to set-up and easy to use. From individuals to fleets, this laptop desk will place your notebook at your fingertips when parked.

For more information on this and other Jotto Desk offerings, contact your Sales Manager or a Customer Service at 877-455-6886.