New PI Sedan Space Creator (SC MAX) Partition

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Jotto Desk is pleased to announce the release of an additional Space Creator partition - available first for the Ford PI Sedan. We are excited about these changes and the continued improvement of this design. Initially released for the 11+ Dodge Charger, the patent pending design of the Space Creator partition did what no other partition design could do. It provided the maximum room for the driver, yet created room for a prisoner due to the Bidirectional Recessed Housing (BDRH). Not satisfied with our initial success nor too proud to listen to our valued customers - Jotto Desk looked to make improvements. The Jotto Desk team has worked to ensure the products they introduce stand up to the high demand for quality, durability and functionality. Jotto Desk is confident that this NEW Space Creator partition (SC MAX) will exceed those expectations.   

New Space Creator Max

The New Space Creator MAX Partition creates ample room for even large prisoners.


One change to this New Space Creator partition - was to the Bidirectional Recessed Housing. Our engineers slightly changed the design on the recessed portion that goes into the prisoner area, eliminating the initial kickback. This change has made for a much smoother downward flow, while still providing a recessed area in the front compartment for vertical mounted gun racks/printers/etc.  


New Jotto Desk PI Sedan Space Creator Max Close Up Of New Bidirectional Recessed Housing

Close Up Of New Bidirectional Recessed Housing.


The initial Jotto Desk partition design/concept for the PI Sedan was identical to what we accomplished with the Dodge Charger. Give maximum seat travel for the Drivers Seat - and allow the BDRH to provide the extra room for a prisoner. This "Heritage Design" is still available for those agencies with Large Officers needing Maximum Seat Travel.     

         Part Numbers & List Prices:     

         475-0290 - PI Sedan Space Creator Heritage - Full Window w/SW - $900 List
         475-0291 - PI Sedan Space Creator Heritage - HS/HV Window - $900 List

         Part Numbers & List Prices: 
         475-0406 - PI Sedan Space Creator MAX - Full Window w/SW - $900 List     


Another change to the NEW PI Sedan SC MAX partition, is the placement/location of the partition. Additional input from our agency partners - unveiled a feeling that there are a lot more large individuals arrested than there are in the drivers seat. That more room for a prisoner would be welcomed...even when that means the driver won't have full seat travel. Therefore, we designed this NEW partition location/placement to mirror the location of our we would all be equal in that regard. The benefit on the road is improved room for a prisoner and making it easier for an officer/deputy to put the prisoner into the vehicle.  

Increased room for Prisoners secured on Driver Side of Vehicle

The New Space Creator MAX Partition creates increased room for
prisoners that are secured on the Driver Side of Vehicle.

A final change, recently already implemented but not fully advertised - is the change to how we secure the partition to the b-pillar. Initially we had chosen a location, void of boron steel to drill/attach the b-pillar brackets. However, OEM changes to the b-pillar at some point made our drilling location a point of pain and frustration. Jotto Desk engineers then designed a new bracket that utilizes OEM holes/slots and can be bolted into place and requires no holes to be drilled. We feel these significant changes will benefit the officer and the installer.  

As the market's "Total Solutions Provider" (TSP), Jotto Desk continues to advance its' product line and reputation as the industry leader in public safety equipment. Jotto Desk works to redefine the mobile workspace and expand its' portfolio of high quality products and ability to deliver maximum value to customers. As your Total Solutions Provider, Jotto Desk is able to ensure that all the products we manufacture will work together seamlessly from installation to application.   

For more information on this and other Jotto Desk offerings, contact your Sales Manager or a Customer Service Representative at 877-455-6886.


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