Switching to Tablet/Keyboard? Secure it with a TK Series Console

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Jotto Desk is proud to announce yet another console innovation…the TK Series Console. Technology trends are shifting toward Tablet/Keyboard setups and as agencies transition to tablet computers like the Panasonic Toughpad, iPad or other Windows based tablets (WinBook, Getac, Motion Computing) and separate keyboards…equipment mounting needs are also changing.

Jotto Desk, a manufacturer of laptop mounts for over 20 years, has noticed the shift in technology and we now have the products to meet those needs. With the NEW TK Series Consoles from Jotto Desk, you have a variety of options to secure the tablet and keyboard, plus, 7” or 12” of equipment in your vehicle.

Jotto Desk's NEW TK Series Console

Both the TK-7 and the TK-12 consoles feature a vertical mounting structure for the tablet/keyboard. The tilt of the tablet can be adjusted to reduce glare and improve visibility, while the keyboard can be removed for those who prefer the keyboard in the lap/steering wheel area. The Tablet/Keyboard Mount rotates a full 90° for the ultimate in ergonomic comfort which allows for usage from either the driver or passenger seat. The tablet mounting plate has two common VESA hole patterns (75 and 100) to fit our TK Mounting Stations and other popular models of mounting stations and docking stations. The keyboard mount, has several hole patterns to secure iKey keyboards and may work with other brands, provided they have an integrated VESA mounting pattern on the back of the keyboard.  Due to the rugged nature of this design, the keyboard actually become the handle to rotate the Tablet/Keyboard assembly – nothing has to be loosened or secured…everything is at your fingertips.

     Part Numbers & List Prices:

425-6195 TK-7 Tablet/Keyboard Console (7”) List Price: $583.00
425-6194 TK-12 Tablet/Keyboard Console (12”) List Price: $683.00
425-6276 13+ PI Sedan TK-7 Pkg – Includes Floor Plate List Price: $732.00
425-6277 13+ PI Utility TK-7 Pkg – Includes Floor Plate List Price: $732.00
425-6278 13+ Charger TK-7 Pkg – Includes Floor Plate List Price: $732.00
450-4140 Universal Tablet Mounting Station (TK Series) List Price: $150.00
450-4141 FZ-G1 Tablet Mounting Station (TK Series) List Price: $150.00
450-4142 iPad/iPad2/iPad Air Mounting Station (TK Series) List Price: $150.00

TK-7 Console Product Image & In-vehicle Image (425-6195)

TK-12 Console Product Image & In-vehicle Image (425-6194)

The TK Series Consoles come standard with an Offset Riser Plate – which we feel will be the majority choice by agencies. However, should that height/location not be ideal – simply remove the plate and secure directly to the center/rear of the console, utilizing the holes that have already been designed into the top of the console.

What better to mount to the TK Series Console…than our NEW TK Series Mounting Stations? (see 450-4140, 450-4141 and 450-4142.) These TK Mounting Stations for the Panasonic Toughpad, Apple iPad/iPad2/iPad Air and an Universal Tablet Mounting station have been designed to work specifically with the TK Series Consoles. Each of these Mounting Stations feature a barrel-key lock for security of the tablet computer and attach to the tablet mounting plate in a landscape orientation.

Universal Tablet TK Mount Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 TK Mount Apple iPad TK Mounting Station
Tablet Mounting Stations for TK Series Consoles

As the market's "Total Solutions Provider" (TSP), Jotto Desk continues to advance its' product line and reputation as the industry leader in public safety equipment. Jotto Desk works to redefine the mobile workspace and expand its' portfolio of high quality products and ability to deliver maximum value to customers. As your Total Solutions Provider, Jotto Desk is able to ensure that all the products we manufacture will work together seamlessly from installation to application.

For more information on these and other Jotto Desk offerings, contact your Sales Manager or a Customer Service Representative at 877.455.6886.

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