Gun Rack - Dual Weapon, Partition Mounted, Vertical (GR9-ZRT-AR BLM/NOVA) - 475-2043
ZRT Lockheads with AR and Shotgun Inserts

Gun Rack - Dual Weapon, Partition Mounted, Vertical (GR9-ZRT-AR BLM/NOVA)

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    Jotto Desk's patented ZRT Gun Rack featuring SmartLok Technology provides the ultimate in weapon security, accessibility, quick installation and standard features only available from Jotto Desk for the police equipment industry. All ZRT Gun Racks feature polycarbonate butt plates with individual adjustability to make positioning of the weapon easier. The ZRT Lock Heads are constructed of Zinc and include silicone inserts for the AR barrel and the shotgun receiver to dampen sound and protect the weapon. Limited wiring is required as both the ZRT Lock Head, Timer and Momentary Switch feature "plug & play" wiring. Simply plug the lock head cable into the lock head/timer and the wiring is complete. Available in a vertical configuration, this style of gun rack will secure one AR-15 and one Benelli Nova to the partition. Read below for more details on this specific gun rack. 475-2043

    This (GR9-ZRT-AR BLM/NOVA) is a dual weapon, vertical gun rack that mounts to partitions with flat cover panels or recessed housing. Locking mechanism for AR is positioned on gun barrel.

    Jotto Desk was awarded two patents for these innovative solutions (Patent No. 8,910,560 & US Patent No. 9,481,312). The height of the AR Side of the ZRT Gun Rack can be adjusted in the field within a secure channel to accommodate different stocks. The SmartLok Technology was developed the thwart the hotwiring potential that exists.

    All Locks must be determined by customer.

    Please request (HCK) Handcuff Key or (STR) Straight Key.

    Mounting Location:
    Partition Mount
    Gun Type:
    AR-15 Rifle, Benelli Nova
    Rack Orientation:
    Rack Type:
    Dual Gun
    Cover Panel Requirements:
    Flat Partition or Recessed Housing