Introducing the NEW Jotto Force Push Bumper

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Jotto Desk Went Outside The Box With This Extreme Duty Push Bumper.


Rogers, AR – June 20, 2012 - There were two roads Jotto Desk could have traveled down when developing this push bumper for a SUV. The easy road would have taken us along a well worn path, one of utilizing an Automotive Aftermarket push bar and brush guard design – “beefed up” for law enforcement use – and calling it good enough. The other road – well, that road didn’t exist – but it would be much more difficult and require Jotto Desk to think outside the box to bring something totally new and fresh to the Law Enforcement push bumper marketplace. Never satisfied to simply copy and move on, Jotto Desk chose the correct path and are ecstatic to introduce the Jotto Force line of Extreme Duty push bumpers.

Jotto Force Push Bumpers for 2013+ PI Utility

Jotto Force Push Bumper with Wrap for 2013+ Ford PI Utility.
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475-0750 13+ PI Utility Push Bumper $529
475-0772 13+ PI Utility Push Bumper w/Wrap $1395
475-0773 13+ PI Utility Wrap Only Kit $866

The Jotto Force Push Bumpers have been designed for Extreme Duty. Our engineers partnered and learned from the leading manufacturer of “replacement bumpers” so that the Jotto Force Push Bumpers will stand the true test of time. The modular Wing Sections are self supporting in design and do not tie into the OEM sub-structure in any way. This design forces the bumper to absorb the impact. Other “tubular” methods support the tube section by mounting a bracket to multiple locations behind the fascia. Upon impact, all this does is transfer that energy to that “mount point” but does nothing to protect like the Jotto Force.

QUICK INFO DOWNLOAD: Jotto Force Push Bumper Spec Sheet for '13+ Ford PI Utility

The vertical bumper assembly is universal for both the PI Utility and Tahoe...with only the mounting brackets and “wings” being vehicle specific. This design allows the Vertical Bumper Assembly to be moved from vehicle to vehicle, should it be taken out of service. Its' modular  design allows for an agency to add the wing section at a later date or to replace a damaged segment, vs the entire bumper. The wide-stance mounting bracket design provide exceptional Push Bumper stability and strength.

Jotto Force Push Bumpers for 2013+ Chevy Tahoe

Jotto Force Push Bumper with Wrap for 2013+ Chevy Tahoe.
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475-0757 13+ Tahoe Push Bumper $529
475-0770 13+ Tahoe Push Bumper w/Wrap $1395
475-0771 13+ Tahoe Wrap Only Kit $866

The design utilizes OEM mounting locations and no drilling is required to secure the mounting brackets to the vehicles and only minor modification are needed to the OEM bumper facia. Installs in less than 30 minutes from start to finish. The Vertical Bumper Assembly has been pre-slotted to accommodate the mounting of intersection lighting from Code 3, SoundOff Signal, Federal Signal and that all an installer has to do is simply bolt the lights on and run wiring (no drilling required). The Horizontal section of the Vertical Bumper Assembly is designed to mount and protect your siren speaker.

QUICK INFO DOWNLOAD: Jotto Force Push Bumper Spec Sheet for '13+ Chevy Tahoe


Jotto Desk continues to advance it’s position in public safety as the first “Everything But Lights” equipment provider by developing its reputation as the industry leader, being the “Total Solutions Provider” (TSP). As your TSP, Jotto Desk is able to ensure that all the products it manufactures will work together seamlessly from installation to application. The Jotto Desk team has worked to ensure that all the products they introduce, to its’ Public Safety customers, stand up to the high demand for quality, durability and functionality. Jotto Desk is confident that its’ Jotto Force Push Bumpers will exceed those expectations & will provide the safety & security that officers rely on.

When you think Jotto Desk, think TSP. It's not what we have, it's who we are.

For more information on this and other Jotto Desk offerings, contact your Sales Manager or a Customer Service Representative at 877-455-6886 and visit

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