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Change #FoolMeOnce into #NotAChance - Jotto Desk HS/HV Window Vehicle Partitions

by | Wednesday, September 6, 2017 |

An amazing news story went viral involving an arrested suspected shoplifter detained in an officers vehicle. Incredibly the woman removed her handcuffs, climbed through a vehicle partition and led officers on a dramatic high speed chase. But, that's not even the craziest part...The entire situation was preventable. "Texas Woman Slips Handcuffs, Takes Police SUV on 100-MPH Chase" That's definitely a headline that no public safety agency wants to be associated with, however, like it or not, it...

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Single Cell Lite for 15+ Dodge Charger

by | Wednesday, April 15, 2015 |

Jotto Desk is pleased to release an additional Single Cell Lite - this time to fit the 2015+ Dodge Charger. Initially released for the Chevy Tahoe and Ford PI Utility in December 2014, the Single Cell Lite solution was conceived for those agencies that liked the idea of our Single Prisoner solution but were needing a less expensive option. This solution is identical to the traditional Single Cell...except it does not include the ABS Seat, Seat Belt Extenders, Floor Pan, P/S Window Armor and...

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New 15+ Ford F150 No Holes Computer Mount & Floorplate

by | Wednesday, April 8, 2015 |

Jotto Desk is pleased to announce a New No Holes Computer Mount and Floor Plate for the 2015+ Ford F150. The Jotto Desk team has worked to ensure that the products they introduce, to its' customers, stand up to the high demand for quality, durability and functionality. Jotto Desk is confident that its' Computer Mount and Floor Plate for this vehicle will exceed those expectations and will provide the safety and security that our customers rely on. This New Computer Mount and Floor Plate are in...

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