Change #FoolMeOnce into #NotAChance - Jotto Desk HS/HV Window Vehicle Partitions

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An amazing news story went viral involving an arrested suspected shoplifter detained in an officers vehicle. Incredibly the woman removed her handcuffs, climbed through a vehicle partition and led officers on a dramatic high speed chase. But, that's not even the craziest part...The entire situation was preventable.

"Texas Woman Slips Handcuffs,
Takes Police SUV on 100-MPH Chase"

That's definitely a headline that no public safety agency wants to be associated with, however, like it or not, it happeened in Lufkin, Texas

Change #FoolMeOnce into #NotAChance With HS/HV Window Vehicle Partitions from Jotto Desk. The reliable performance of the partition between the officer area and the prisoner area is critical. Any visibility hindrance can compromise the officers reaction time. Any failure to contain the prisoner in the rear zone can compromise the officer's safety and the safety of the general public. With these two issues in mind, Jotto Desk carefully designed the High Security/High Visibility Window to exceed the level of performance deserved and expected from a vehicle partition window on its Patented Space Creator Vehicle Partition offerings. (U.S. Patent No. 8,690,216.)

Jotto Desk HS/HV Window In-Vehicle ImageClear rear view and greater security from prisoner incidents the High Security/High Visibility
(HS/HV) Window Vehicle Partitions offer Officer safety and comfort.

A High Security/High Visibility (HS/HV) Window gives officers the best of both worlds - tremendous sight lines, whether looking out the rear view or turning around and also knowing that the prisoner can't attempt to escape through the window opening. The 4”H x 11”W window allows for communication or passing of information but there won’t be anyone that will squeeze through this opening. If a prisoner spits/bleeds/smears the window – it is still easily cleanable…not so with “expanded metal”.

The HS/HV window increases the visible area by a whopping 41% vs. older style windows. When someone sits in the drivers seat and looks through the rear view mirror for the first time, the natural reaction is to turn and look to see if a partition is installed…because the view is so clear.

Side by side partition comparison.Side by side, it is easy to see the advantage of our HS/HV window. An increase of 41% better visibility when
compared to traditional partition windows and also prevent “crawl-through” incidents by prisoners.

The Jotto Desk HS/HV Vehicle Partition is widely available for most late model public safety vehicle models. Please see the Vehicle Partitions product category for more information.

Field proven over the past 20 years, Jotto Desk has been offering mobile professionals innovative vehicle solutions to ensure officer security and comfort. For more information on this and other Jotto Desk offerings, contact your Sales Manager or a Customer Service at 877-455-6886.

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