New 11+ Dodge Charger Side Mount Trunk Tray

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Jotto Desk is proud to present a new addition to the Jotto Desk Trunk Tray line. Listening to feedback from our customers that were needing a trunk tray that would allow for the easy removal of Charger's full size spare tire and easy access to the battery. Our engineers have carefully thought out the design to utilize the empty space on either side of the trunk, nearest the tail lights. That is correct, this Side Trunk Tray can be mounted on either the passenger side or the driver side...that way the one unit you have will work no matter the choice or change of mind. Typically unused space provided the perfect location to allow equipment to be mounted and stored out of the way. The new Charger Side Mount Trunk Tray (425-8106) allows the mounting of equipment onto the tray and then simply swing upwards and lock into place. Another great feature is that the mounting panel can be removed from the tray itself, allowing technician to work on equipment at a bench and not always outside with their head in a trunk. The Jotto Desk Team has worked to ensure that the products they introduce to their Public Safety customers stand up to the high demand for quality, durability and functionality. Jotto Desk is confident that its' new side mount trunk tray will be that and more.

425-8106 Charger Side Mount Trunk Tray

  Part Numbers & List Prices:
        425-8106    '11+ Dodge Charger Side Mount Trunk Tray     List Price: $198.40
        Quick Info Download:  '11+ Dodge Charger Side Mount Trunk Tray Spec Sheet

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